Create a New Flash CS3 Document

[This is Step 1 of the Flash CS3 Animation Tutorial]

Let's start by creating a new Flash CS3 Documents. To do this:

  • Open Flash CS3 Professional

  • You have various options including some standard templates to choose from. Templates range from advertisement sizes to photo slideshow and quizzes.

    tempaltes in Flash CS3

  • For this tutorial however, we will not use a template.

  • Click on Flash File (ActionScript 3.0) under the title "Create New"

    New Flash CS3 Document
  • A new flash document is created.

    new flash document

Save the Flash File

  • File > Save
  • Give it a name e.g animation.fla (note that flash source files have .fla file extension) and save it in a folder of your choice on your computer.

Set up the Document Properties

  • Modify > Document
  • Give the title, description and dimensions (500x300 pixels). And choose a blue color for the background (for the sky). Click OK.

    flash cs3 document properties

  • You will notice that the stage dimensions and background color have changed to match your specifications.

  • Take a moment to familiarize yourself with the Flash CS3 worspace as shown in the picture below. You will find various tools on the left, the timeline on the top, the stage in the middle, the properties window at the bottom and some other windows/ palettes on the right.

    Flash CS3 Workspace

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