Free Dreamweaver CS3 Tutorial

Dreamweaver is a great tool to help you build websites. It is a WYSIWYG HTML editor that helps you to create html pages visually (without knowing HTML coding). You can download a 30 day trial version of Dreamweaver from the website.

This is a Dreamweaver CS3 tutorial, if you have another version you may be interested in the Dreamweaver CS4 tutorial or Dreamweaver CS5 tutorial.

Before you begin creating your webpages in Dreamweaver you should have planned the site and designed the layout.

If you are a beginner at website design I recommend you go through the Website Building Tutorial first.

You can then go through the Photoshop CS3 Tutorial or the Fireworks CS3 Tutorial to design your website layout and keep the necessary graphics files (gifs/jpgs) ready.

You can also go through the Flash CS3 Tutorial and and have any flash animation ready.

In order to make your website live you will need to sign up with a hosting server and domain name. I recommend Hostgator which I use to host this site.

In order to build a website using Dreamweaver follow these steps:

Dreamweaver CS3 Tutorial for Beginners

Step 1: Define a new site in Dreamweaver

Step 2: Create a Dreamweaver Template

Step 3: Create the Page Layout in the Dreamweaver Template

Step 4: Create the CSS Style Sheet

Step 5: Insert Common Elements into the Dreamweaver Template:Text & Images

Step 6: Create Libraries or Server Side Includes

Step 7: Define the Editable Regions of the Template

Step 8: Create the HTML Pages of the Site with Content/ Forms

Step 9: Link the Pages

Step 10: Test the Site Locally and Upload Online to the Hosting Server

Project 1: Table Based Layout Website

Project 2: DIV/ CSS/ Tableless Layout Based Website

Project 3 : Website with Server Side Includes

Spry Tutorial

Free Dreamweaver CS3 Templates

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